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Juan A. Martin-Ramos is a Ph. D. Industrial Engineer who works as Associate Professor at the Universidad de Oviedo (Spain) since 1997.

During these years, he has been involved in several R+D projects in different topics, ranging from microprocessor based systems to the conception of power supplies. In all those cases, his work has been focused on finding new and better solutions to industrial applications and the technology transfer from academia to industry. As a consequence, he has also participated as a researcher in the Regional (Principle of Asturias), Spanish and European (FP3-FP4-FP6) R+D programs.

It is worth highlighting his experience in the design of magnetic components, the inclusion of piezoelectric transformers in AC/DC power topologies and the conception of high voltage (hundreds of kV) medium power (tens of kW) power supplies.

He is the author of several patents and technical papers on these issues.